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I'll get you in the saddle soon, oh yeah! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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(no subject) [Aug. 25th, 2005|06:17 pm]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |Lunacy Fringe- THe USed]

Hey Lovelies.

Yeah. So.. Firday I didn't go to Hamilton cause I felt like shit, but I went Saturday instead cause It was a better show and I went with Matty, Nemeth and Dez. Yup. We had fun. We made those little thinggers we all made hwne we were little that tell you your fortune. Well i did. I made it with a flier for this fridays show. which i wanna go to but I can't cuase me is going to mommas. Any way they were really funny cuase they were all horrid fortunes like..'You'll be attacked by a pack of rabid wolves'. Ha. FUn times!

Then Sunday Matt Nemeth Daddy and I all went to my grandma's to interveiw her for the thing for school. Which sucked. Cause her annoyign yappy dog wouldnt shut the fuck up and kept jumping in his cage which we put him in so he wouldnt attack us [literally] and hitting his fucking head on the metal. It was kinda funny though. And my grandma!! OMG!! she could not just fucking answer the questions!! She gave me the dumbest answers too. lordie.

Monday... Modya was the Barbeque. Umm.. My mommy brought me my straightener. Cool. ANd then I had to go to the test ma-place where i sat for an hour. then they took me in. and I had to drink this nasty ass shit and it made me wanna barf and I felt sick the whole time. And later we went to the mall. I got the coolest shirt EVER. It says 'I'm with the Drummer' in white on black and underneath it is a blue drumset and itn blue the 'I'm with' is scribbled out and on top is written 'I AM' witch i looove. ANd I gots me a backpack. Its a gray messager bag with the The Used Tree on it witht eh used in red. It's cooool. And I love it. After the mall i straightened my hair, then my moms, then got dressed, then Jenn came over so we could take her too in these RIDICULOUSLY ugly glasses that were actually johns. SO we went to the barbeque and met up wiht Jess and Caroline. I fucking adore Jess' new hair. hee. We had to sit through this long as bullshit and then go find our classes which was pointless cause it's easy to find anything. We didnt eat there cuase they had no food for me so my vati took me and JEnn to McDonalds. Bad Idea. Stomahce ache. Then i got pissed at jenna cause my mom said she could stay over her house for the weekend but she said she couldnt cuase of Hamilton and I got pissed. Then she changed her mind and i say no way Jose! lmao. any way. This weekend I'm going to get me some clothese and some school-esque stuff.

Tuesday.. did nothing. Sat aorund. Went to mommas. yupp.

Wendsday.. OMFG!! I WOKE UP AT NINE!! BE SOO POUD!! haha. but besides that i did nothign.

thursday.. went to drum lessons. that's it.

Later Lovelies

::Means that I believed. Every single line you said.::
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My underwear Represent Freedom of Alligators, and Gay Pride! Fuck Yeah!! [Aug. 19th, 2005|01:08 am]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Something Corperate-I Kissed a Drunk girl.]

Hello Lovelies;;

I have no idea what the subject of this has to do with this, but it's true. I have green undies with little alligators and rainbows on them!! And!! I also have another pair, that are white, with little alligators, and rainbows, and it says happy time!! hoe cool!! anywhoo, I'm watchign the Pamela Anderson Roast, which is mucho funny, and cha!! Today, I had drum lessons, and omg. I kept fuckign up. Got Mucho homework. Tommorow, I'm going to a show with Jenn and John, at hamilton. Ha. I win. [omfg. Courtney love is so fuckin wasted.] Today everythings getting me pissed.

Jenn and Billy came by today. yeah. we didn't do much. just sat aorund down stairs. I organized my CD's. Listened to them. Listened to Billy Whine. Read Jenn's diary. Yeah. she smokes. eww? Sorry, no cancer sticks for me. I made jenna's livejournal purty.

Yesterday I went to the doctors. I'm offically on more drugs than Morgan Lishman. I have to go and get this test where I drink this shit which has Urea in it which s in your piss. Eww much? and then i have to breath into a breathalizer, and if my C02 is radioactive, then i have GERD which is this shit in my tummy which is like bacteria which causes ulsers. so not fun. anyway, I'm going ot bed cause all the pills make me go sleepy. nighty night lovelies.


::Popsickles are the new black. Everyone should have one.::
'Frank Iero'
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(no subject) [Aug. 15th, 2005|10:04 pm]
[mood |exanimateexanimate]
[music |Populace In Two-From First To Last]

Woooah. What a fucking insane two days this has been. Okay. First. Sunday. Warped Tour '05. Oh. My. Fucking. God. So amazing. We left the house at like.. 9.40, and at 9.15 Mary and Tee called us saying they were already there and buying their tickets, and that the line to get in adn the ticket line was long as hell. SO we tried to get out earlier, but my dads.. my dad. Anywhoo, we didn't get there till 12.30 when it was only s'posed to take 45 minutes. Matt was flipping, cause Mary called and said Fall Out Boy Was playing adn MxPx was next. But we made it just in time to hear the last song, Saturday. It was amazing, durr. We got in, and MxPx was just starting to play.SO matt was incredibly happy. I got some pics, but all of them are super far away, so I have to zoom and edit them, cause we couldn't get to close cause of Matt's arm. Anywhoo, after Mxpx we saw Story of the year, and hear some otehr bands. We saw Brie Karen and Brittany there, and talked for a bit before we went away. Then Matt got this MxPx shirt and what not, and we went to see MCR, who were so fuckign amazing, it was scary. If you ever get to see them live, you'll see what I mean. But anway, it started to get really crowded,a dn Iw as scared of Matt's arm.,, so we stared to abck away, but I got some amazing opicks anyway, and I hear/saw Cemetary Drive, and Thank you For the Venom, my two favorite songs by them. So afterwards, Matt saw that MxPx were going to have a signing at the Troajan tent at 3.30 so we stayed there. Mind you, when we got in line, it was only 2.40. So my dad told me I had to go get a hat, so I got this Killer Transplants Trucker hat which I'm wearing RIGHT now. It's Gray ont he clothy part and black everywhere else. And in like.. hand writing it says 'TRAN$PLANT$' but it looks like some guy wrote it all sloppy. once I find my chord for my camera I'll take a lovely pictue of it so you can see. I was gonna get a FSAS shirt, but they only had FSAS bandanas and La Salle Shirts, which were cool, but only in XL guys. The starting line played while we were on line. Anywhoo, at about 3.45 MxPx finally came. We were like.. fifth in line, so we got ther fast. any way,t he nicest was Tom, who was all nice to matt and shit, and Mike shook my had, but he seemed like an ass. I can't explain it. Yuri was.. odd? He seemed like.. mucho stoned. quite odd. After that, we went to get me my lovely Warped TOur 05 hoodie with a pink skeleton and words on it. Pics laters. [omg. h.o. i need some fucking ac.]Then we had to go bye byes becuase matt was getting tired and I think his arm started to hurt. SO i didnt get to see my bands, Mest and Transplants, but it was matt's birthday present, so.. But before we left, we did get to see A7X and ZACKY VENGEANCE!! so hot. lol. ANd this dude who was in a moshg during A7X and like.. smacked his head on the conreate after crowd surfing, and he was bleeding all over. 'Twas quite nasty. Then we left and went to checkers. Yup.

So. Today. Damn. 'Twas Crazzyy. So, I wake up at like.. 10.30, a record for me, so I knew somethign would go wrong. Any way. I had a dentist appointment at 1.00 and Matt had a doctor thing for his arm at 11.30 so they leave, adn no one get home till 12.45, and my mom tells me matt has to go back into surgery for his arm, becuase when the door hit his arm at taco bell, the pins shifted and his arm wasnt healing. anty whoo, he had tog o back at 1.30, so my dad was gonna take me to the dentist and then my mom would take matt to the surgery place, and after the dentist, my dad would take me there too. MAtt also brought nemeth, cause.. he can. SO while every one was int eh surgery place, me and nemeth sat near the vending machine, and tlaked aboutt eh most retarded stuff. Matt go out of surgery at about 6.30. We couldn't see him till 8.00, cause he had to wake up. so we hung with him for a bit and yeah. Then we went home.

Then!! tonight i find out Patt left home and ran away to Robbs. And didn't talka cab. what the FUCK he was thinking, I dont know. but.. gah! so fusterating. Later Lovelies


::Confided in me was your heart I know it's hurting you, but it's killing me::
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Darling, what did you expect? [Aug. 13th, 2005|06:26 pm]
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |I Dig It - Dirty Sanchez]

Hey Lovelies;

Mmkayy. Tommorow is Warped Tour and I'm so fuckin psyched. Englishtown. Be proud of me, 'cause tonight, I'm taking a tylonol PM and going to bed at ten!! Woo hoo. I have to clean the whole house or I can't go. But I'm gonna do it, 'cause I'm de-fucking-termined to go. I've been aching to go to Warped since 5th grade, when I liked Good Charlotte. Eww much? Any whoo. My dream finally coming true. I'm gonna get a tour shirt and a track jacket, just dunno which one. I'll take a pic of it and post it when I get it. If you check this tommorow I'll definitely have mucho updates from the tour. see ya's lovelies.


::I confess, I've messed up, droppin I'm sorries, Like you're still around::

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