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My underwear Represent Freedom of Alligators, and Gay Pride! Fuck Yeah!! - I'll get you in the saddle soon, oh yeah! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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My underwear Represent Freedom of Alligators, and Gay Pride! Fuck Yeah!! [Aug. 19th, 2005|01:08 am]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Something Corperate-I Kissed a Drunk girl.]

Hello Lovelies;;

I have no idea what the subject of this has to do with this, but it's true. I have green undies with little alligators and rainbows on them!! And!! I also have another pair, that are white, with little alligators, and rainbows, and it says happy time!! hoe cool!! anywhoo, I'm watchign the Pamela Anderson Roast, which is mucho funny, and cha!! Today, I had drum lessons, and omg. I kept fuckign up. Got Mucho homework. Tommorow, I'm going to a show with Jenn and John, at hamilton. Ha. I win. [omfg. Courtney love is so fuckin wasted.] Today everythings getting me pissed.

Jenn and Billy came by today. yeah. we didn't do much. just sat aorund down stairs. I organized my CD's. Listened to them. Listened to Billy Whine. Read Jenn's diary. Yeah. she smokes. eww? Sorry, no cancer sticks for me. I made jenna's livejournal purty.

Yesterday I went to the doctors. I'm offically on more drugs than Morgan Lishman. I have to go and get this test where I drink this shit which has Urea in it which s in your piss. Eww much? and then i have to breath into a breathalizer, and if my C02 is radioactive, then i have GERD which is this shit in my tummy which is like bacteria which causes ulsers. so not fun. anyway, I'm going ot bed cause all the pills make me go sleepy. nighty night lovelies.


::Popsickles are the new black. Everyone should have one.::
'Frank Iero'

[User Picture]From: heartss_lie
2005-08-21 03:48 am (UTC)

Haha, thanks.


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